Spring Lake High School
Class of 1966

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Class Pictures

If you would like me to also post an updated picture of you please email it to me at john@siemion.com.  For those individuals whose names are in blue, click on their picture to see what they look like today.


Mike Adams
Dave Aldrich
Larry Aldridge

Roger Anderson
Dorene Bakanowicz
Larry Beld

Sue Bernard
Ken Berry
Marilyn Bolles

Ken Bross
Dick Brown
Dave Campbell

Tim Campbell
Jim Chapin
Bruce Christman

Jim Christman
Doug Cook
Jeff Crowell

Barb Currie
Martin Czinder
Dwayne Dallas

Delores Diedrich
Jack Ditmar
Steve Dixon

Steve Donner
Julie Felber
Abbey Fitzpatrick

Arlene Frans
Don Fritz
Volda George

Donna Gleason
Ruth Guigelaar
Hal Hansen
Chuck Hardy  
Michel Hartung
Suzanne Heinz

Linda Holland
Barb Hutson
John Jackson

Barbara Jane Johnson
Barbara Rose Johnson
Caroline Johnson

Lee Ann Johnson
Doug Joslyn
Mark Kelley

Pat Knue
Julie Kooiman
Tom Kopecky

Rick Lemke
Pete MacDonald
Dave Madison

Cindy Magnuson
Jaques Martell
Pat Mastenbrook

Chuck Matthewson
Margery McCall
Cait McGuire

Shelly McKenzie
Sue McOmber
Darlene Meyer

Larry Miller
Marcia Miller
Mike Mummert

Ulla Nielsen
Gary Odmark
Lynn Offringa

Greg Parker
Kathy Peck
Lee Poulin

Sandy Race
Kary Regelin
Kay Rettinhouse

Ron Rosso
Laurie Rycenga
Glenn Shindlbeck

Ted Schmidt
Jenifer Scott
Lewis Short

Jan Sickterman
John Siemion
Gary Slager

Martha Smith
Stan Smith
Jack Start

Dale Stordahl
Dave TenBrink
Linda Tobolt

Donna Tuin
Kristin Twa
Denien Umphrey

Tom VanderLee
Kathy VanderWall
Jayne VanPelt

Dave VanWoerkom
Eric Vink
Alice Wanek

Greg Watters
Judy Whiting
Penny Wilson

Martha Wilterdink
Mary Yager
Georgia Yonker