Spring Lake High School
Class of 1966

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Class Prophecy

It seems as if it was only yesterday that we were all together back on the bank of the River Grand in the hallowed halls of Spring Lake High School. But here we are ten years past that day we were released to face the world. Since then we have witnessed many social, economic, political, and technological changes. The greatest achievement is doubtlessly the completion of our goal to reach the moon. Yes, and we are proud to be able to claim this as the earth's largest satellite. Some of us have been here in the 51st State or Moon since it was first reached three years ago. Also, some of us have made a special trip from the earth to be here for this occasion.

We were scheduled to blast off from the KRISTIN branch of the TWA rocket ship network on Flight 66. Upon entering the ship we were greeted by the smiling faces of stewardesses KARY REGELIN and PENNY WILSON. Once we were seated and had fastened our seat belts, the pleasant voice of our pilot, GREG WATTERS, announced we would soon be taking off and would reach our destination in two hours. Conveniently enough, MIKE ADAMS was aboard representing his chewing gum company and supplied us all with some to relieve us from pressure changes. Looking around the ship I saw many familiar faces. Sitting together were rival professional basketball coaches ROG ANDERSON of the Celtics and TOM VANDERLEE of the 76ers. With them was Tom's start center GLENN SCHINDLEBECK. Across the aisle was Jumbo LARRY ALDRIDGE, Spring Lake's athletic director and basketball coach, conversing the Olympic gold medal winner LEE POULIN. Lee holds the world's broad jump record with a leap of 579.5 feet, aided by the weightless characteristic of the moon. Also, famed world-traveller BRUCE CHRISTMAN had just returned from a mountain-climbing expedition in the Swiss Alps in time to make the flight. He especially wanted to come to the moon to conquer its unexplored peaks. A motion picture was showing on the flight entitled "The Unsuspected" starring GREGORY PARKER. Our class suprisingly enough turned out several people engaged "show biz." A new T.V. series was started by a '66 grad called "Sing Along with SCHMIDT" starring TED. A favorite with the women is the portrayal of debonair Bat MATTHEWSON by CHUCK. A pair that made it big was CHARLIE and Miss RYCENGA, who formed the comedy team of LAURA and HARDY. Also along the fine arts line was LEWIS, the great author who is known for his autobiography, "The SHORT Story." The musical part of the arts was well represented by former classmen HARVEY "HAL" HANSEN, JACK DITMAR, DENIEN UMPHREY, and "Legs" GLEASON who formed that famed jazz group known as "UmphsGang." to add to the musically inclined was JACQUES MARTELL who had become an organ grinder. Still glancing around the aircraft I noticed we were one person short. Unmistakably the missing passenger was JULIE FELBER, yet to be on time for a blast-off. Then, to everyone's amazement that great crime fighter of all time, "Super Nard," zoomed by taking Julie to the moon. MICHELE HARTUNG, who had taken advantage of a timely opportunity to become a horologist, told me that Julie was always late because of the unfaithfulness of a new clock she purchased from COOK's cook, cook, clock shop, proprietor being DOUG.

Upon, arriving we landed at Cape NIELSON which was named in honor of the first woman astronaut to be on the moon. We had some trouble persuading ULLA to claim it for the U.S.A. because of paternal devotion, but her pride for the class of '66 reigned supreme. Once we disembardked from the ship, we were amazed at the progress which had been made in the past two years. Only under the combined expert direction of nuclear physicists STEVE DONNER and CAIT MCGUIRE could our lunar civilization be established. Both Cait and Steve have made fantastic discoveries, one of which put our friend JIM CHAPIN out of business. They invented a dry form of water forcing plumber Chaps to take up his life-long ambition of truck-driving.

At the Cape we got on a luna-bus which would take us to the twin cities of DALLAS and MADISON, named after the two male astronauts who made that initial trip, DWANE and DAVE. On the bus I saw several people I hadn't recognized on the rocket. I spoke with TOM KOPECKY who had become a professional carp-spearer and DOUG JOSLYN, a javelin remodeler, who customized Tom's spears. GARY SLAGER, a steeple-chase rider, and MARY YAGER, a bookie, were sitting together discussing common interests. GEORGIA YOUNKER, who was sitting with them, had become a fortune teller, a profession with a future in it. SANDY RAC, JENNIFER SCOTT, and MARTHAT SMITH had all chosen to lead dangerous lives. Sandy was a skydiver and Martha and Jenny had bcome stunt drivers in a demolition derby. I saw MIKE MUMMERT, an undertaker, who told me the sad news that DELORES DIED RICH. JAN SICKTERMAN, Medal of Honor winner for his sniping activities in Viet Nam, was talking to CINDY MAGNUSON, agent 66 for Her Majesty's Service, were discussing world problems. SHELLEY MCKENZIE was reading a book she had written, "How to Cheat on Blood and Saliva Tests." RUTH had become known as GUIGELAAR the Gargler because of her experiments with throat soothers from salt water to peanut butter. She was talking with MARK KELLEY, an Alka-Seltzer tester. He wrote the song for one of their ads "Kelly's Bellies." I had a very enlarging discussion with LARRY BELD, a glass blower.

As we approached our destination we noticed something quiet alien to the Moon - windmills. We soon discovered the reason for this typically Dutch characteristic: a statue of our old friend JULIE KOOIMAN. It seems that Julie wouldn't be outdone by the Danes, so she hustled right up here to establish the colony of HOLLAND, named by Julie with respect to her good friend LINDA. This sector was set off from surrounding areas by the VANDERWALL with due respect to all dutchmen, in particular its namesake KATHY.

Continuing our trip, we approached the twin-cities business district where I recognized the names of some old classmates. The first thing that caught my eye was the golden arches of the MACDONALDS drive-in owned by PETE. He had hired JACK START, with his dishwashing experience, to empty the trash barrels to get more bags to fold and more paper cups to wash for future use. Pete has been having a little competition with a new chain of hotdog drive-ins established by Miss BANANOWIXZ: DORENIE'S Weenies. We also passed MEYER's Supermarket operated by DARLENE who was assisted by her most proficient check out girl DONNA TUIN. The next place I saw was ROSSO's with a lot full of new and used space ships. RON had all kinds ranging from sports models to those of family size. One of the most popular spots in the vicinity was SMITTY's Drug Store. The main reason for this establishment's popularity was due to the adjoining building which was in keeping with Spring Lake tradition - STAN's. The tallest structure in the twin-cities was the CAMPBELL office building directed by millionaires TIM and DAVE. This building housed the female law firm of JOHNSON and JOHNSON and JOHNSON and JOHNSON, established by BARB, BARB, LEE ANN and CAROLINE. Many services were rendered by old friends. JOHN SIEMION was involved in the mechanical repair of space ships, DALE STORDAHL operated Storks' Delivery Service, DON FRITZ led Fritz's Fire Fighting Force. Miss MCOMBER organized SUE's Sewer Service. JAYNE's Hide Treatment Service offered a market for the Moon's trappers. After curing them, Jan VANned her PELTS over to ARLENE FRANS for her to produce more Snarf's Snazzy Socks. All of Arlene's bleaching service were rendered by JUDY WHITING. Some of the area's recreation was provided by the ever-popular MARILYN's BOLLESing Alley. The mass media were well represented by editor MARGE MCCALL of the Daily Sun Reflector.

Directly at the end of this street was our destination, TOBOLT Hall, appropriated by LINDA, where our reunion was to be held. All our classmates from the moon were already there and as soon as we entered many acquaintances were renewed. The conversation that was most quickly struck up was with that trio of professional wrestlers, KEN Hari-Kari BERRY, DICK BROWN and DAVE TENBRINK. They were soon joined by another person well versed in the art of self defense MATHA WILTERDINK a karate teacher. I talked with MARTIN for a while who I found out had become a successful chimney sweep, ridding all fireplaces of CZINDERS. I saw two people in the medical profession talking together. They were ERIC "Doc" VINK and psychoanalyst ALICE WANEK. A number of people engaged in very unusual professions were JEFF CROWELL, LARRY MILLER, KATHY PECK, BARB HUTSON, and GAIL FITZPATRICK. Jeff was actively stuffing macaroni with donut holes, Larry was a nut counter for Post Grape-Nut Flakes, Kathy straightened bent bottle caps, Barb was solely a pedicurist, and Gail did very fine work patching leaky sieves.

We all ate a marvelous dinner and afterwards an address was made by the Governor of the Moon, JIM CHRISTMAN. He mentioned some of his Presidential aims and other points of great interest. During his speech he honored baseball's Most Valuable Player of the Year, KEN BROSS, for his accomplishments. The party extended late into the night so we were all able to talk about old times. I chatted with artist GARY ODMARK who had been quite successful in the greeting card business with the Odmark Hall of Fame. I also found that RICH LEMKE managed a most unique three ring flea circus. To no surprise of my own I discovered that STEVE DIXON had become a renown safari hunter and had the most complete collection of big game in the world. He told me that the only trouble he ever had was with game warden DAVE ALDRICH, but luckily there were never any big problems. One of my most interesting conversations was with DAVE VANWOERKOM who directed Dimp's Dancing School. I visited with MARCIA who had formed the Moon chapter of Mrs. MILLER's Fan Club. Another wrestler our class produced was Man Mountain MASTENBROOK brought to fame through the accomplishments of trainer LYNN OFFRINGA. I conversed with PAT KNUE who informed me of her work toward a goal of being a centenarian. she said she planned to do this with the help of BARB CURRIE, the twin cities physical education director.

To our joy, all of the earth travelers were invited to spend the night at the RETTIN House, a hotel owned by KAY. the next day, however, we had to leave for home back on earth. Yes, in this day and age a trip to the Moon and back is considered a weekend jaunt. We realize also that his dream of ten years ago could never have become an accomplished reality until the Class of 1966 of Spring Lake High School was made available to the world.