Spring Lake High School
Class of 1966

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Class Will

I, DAVE ALDRICH, bequeath one of my 247 freckles to Cheryl Duer.

I, DORENE BAKANOWICZ, bequeath my 1966 crush to Mark "Boner" Adams.

I, LARRY ALDRIDGE, bequeath my dare-devil desperation hurdles in football when about to be tackled to Doug Hargers.

I, SUE BERNARD, bequeath my tomato covered Volkswagen to the entire Junior class.

I, ROGER "STYMIE" ANDERSON, bequeath my basketball abilities on Bilz's court to Phil VanHouten.

I, MARILYN will my BOLLES to Sue Hartman's future kitchen.

I, TOM VANDERLEE, bequeath my paper route to one of the Twas.

I, BARB CURRIE, bequeath my sports writing ability to Don Badcon.

I, KEN BERRY, bequeath my All Conference stride to Mr. Hall.

I, JULIE FELBER, bequeath my punctuality in Physics class to any Junior wishing to have a lot of tardy marks on his "ranking card."

I, KEN BROSS, bequeath my Hollander jokes to Mrs. VanDyke.

I, GAIL FITZPATRICK, bequeath my double-dip chocolate cone to Mr. DeVries.

I, DICK BROWN, bequeath my ideal relations with the faculty to any Junior desiring to chalk up a few "brownie" points.

I, DONNA GLEASON, will my famous legs to the Biology Department for future experiments.

I, DAVE CAMPBELL, give my view at parades to Mickey Nehr.

I, RUTH GUIGELAAR, bequeath my efficiency at the National Honor Society Officers.

I, TIM CAMPBELL, bequeath my archery ability to Robin Hood.

I, LINDA HOLLAND, bequeath my buds to Mr. Rose.

I, JIM CHAPIN, bequeath my trips to the Hackley Library to anyone talented enough to forge an I.D. card.

I, SUE MCOMBER, give my crutches to the Ski Club for future dare-devils.

I, JIM CHRISTMAN, bequeath my "Fireball Roberts" driving technique to Toni Loman.

I, KATHY PECK, bequeath my impersonal involvement in everyone's affairs to the Commercial Department.

I, DOUG COOK, bequeath my way with the women to Roy Johnson.

I, JACK DITMAR, bequeath my puns to another punny fellow.

I, MARTHA SMITH, bequeath my bridal bouquet to Karen Hardy.

I, DENIEN UMPHREY, bequeath my "umph" to anyone who needs the momentum.

I, STEVE DONNER, bequeath my physics ability to some aspiring junior.

I, GEORGIA YONKER, leave. . . for State!

I, HAL "Louie Satchmo Armstrong" HANSEN, bequeath my hot lips to Steve "Al Hirt" Fuller.

I, ARLENE FRANS, bequeath my infamous knee socks to the high school trophy case.

I, STEVE DIXON, bequeath my iridescent orange socks to go beside Arlen's in the trophy case.

I, MARY YAGER, gladly bequeath my robust red complexion to Ann Kiraly.

I, TOM KOPECKY, bequeath my resounding bad-er voice to Dave Buikema.

I, LINDA bequeath my TOLBOLTS to the auto mechanics class.

I, LYNN OFFRINGA, bequeath "Myrtle" to "Joe's."

I, PETE MACDONALD, bequeath my renowned jeep convertible to "Joe's" too, so "Myrtle" won't be lonely.

I, GARY ODMARK, bequeath my artistic abilities to Playboy.

I, SHELLY MCKENZIE, bequeath my spelling abilities to Noah Webster and Miss LVB.

I, LEE POULIN, bequeath my "catch me if you can" sprint to Batman.

I, BARB HUTSON, bequeath the shiny little rock on my left finger to Sue Dykstra, in case Craig doesn't eventually come through.

I, GREG PARKER, bequeath my talent on skis to Rita Lloyd.

I, PATSY MASTENBROOK, bequeath my swing to the elementary playground.

I, GLENN SCHINDLEBECK, bequeath my dad's dog-tags to Rin-Tin-Tin.

I, CAIT MCQUIRE,  bequeath my joys and sorrows of a light board operator to Lenny Horton.

I, TED SCHMIDT, bequeath my undying love and devotion to my next door neighbor.

I, SANDY RACE, bequeath my roller skates to Paula Czinder.

I, DALE STORDAHL, bequeath my nick-name "Storke" to the Grand Haven maternity ward.

We, The Senior Class, will JULIE KOOIMAN to the Flying Dutchmen.

I, MIKE MUMMERT, bequeath my "Shell" coveralls to next year's musical stage manager.

I, MIKE ADAMS, will my classroom capers to Bob Platt.

I, KRIS TWA, bequeath my artistic abilities to Mr. Brooks.

I, JACQUES MARTELL, will my cowboy boots to Buck Berry.

I, MARCIA MILLER, bequeath my stock of seam rippers back to all the girls who have lost some.

I, STAN SMITH, bequeath my can opener to Howie Boeve.

I, CHARLES MATTHEWSON, would bequeath my skate board, except that next to Smitty's can opener, its my favorite toy.

I, KATHY VANDERWALL, bequeath myself to Grand Valley.

I, LARRY MILLER, will my bell-bottom pants and polka-dot shirt to File 13.

I, JUDY WHITING, will my desire - "Buster Brown, teach me to tie my shoes" to Peanuts.

I, LEWIS SHORT, bequeath my clothing allowance to the Federal Government to help us get out of debt.

I, LAURIE RYCENGA, bequeath the old convertible to anyone who wants to lose in the drags.

I, DAVE TENBRINK, will the "Bear" to Mr. Hickman for future use.

I, MARGERY MCCALL, bequeath my Avanti editorship to the school shutterbug - Gary Bailey.

I, JAN SICKTERMAN, will my private parking place in  Chisholm's yard to anyone desiring to leave during the noon hour.

I, PENNY WILSON, will my false tooth to the girl with a locker down by the Biology Dapartment who hasn't a real one yet.

I, DON FRINTZ, will my romantic life to "True Romance" comics.

I, MICHELE HARTUNG, will my chaotic locker to anyone who dares open it.

I, MARTIN CZINDER, bequeath my green thumb to Mr. Eberback for his tomato plants.

I, PAT KNUE, will my canoe to Bauman's Marina.

I, RON ROSSO, bequeath my striking ability to anyone who wants his dad to buy him a new GTO.

I, BARBARA ROSE JOHNSON, bequeath my rose to be awarded to the queen of Ottawa County.

I, JACK START, will my yuk-yuk to Gene Connors.

I, CINDY MANUSON, bequeath my star gazed look to Cheryl Pitcher.

I, MARK KELLEY, bequeath my star gazed look to Doug Boyink. I, KARY REGELIN, bequeath my looped earrings to the missionary society of Africa for bartering purposes.

I, GREG WATTERS, bequeath my H2O to the Chemistry Department.

I, DELORES DIEDRICH, bequeath my "Big D" to the Drewrey's mountie.

I, LARRY BELD, bequeath my J.A. presidency to Caroline Damm.

I, CAROLINE JOHNSON, bequeath my typing ability to Mr. Miller.

I, ED "Tennessee" WARREN, bequeath my nickname to any "Pea-pickin" Jr.

I, BARBARA J. JOHNSON, bequeath Nellie's booz to Frank.

I, DOUG JOSLYN, leave my salmon pink T-Bird to any Jr. needing a little color in his life.

I, DARLENE MEYER, bequeath my "darling" name to any junior who can use it.

I, DAVE MADISON, bequeath my pilot's license to Steve Schaap for his low flying.

I, JENNIFER SCOTT, bequeath my naive nature to Karen Merchant.

I, RICH LEMKE, will my "whadda you know" to Tom Keenan.

I, DAVE VANWOERKOM, bequeath my "dimps" to Patti Brye.

I, CHARLES HARDY, bequeath my milk puncher back to Mr. Nienhouse.

I, ULLA NIELSEN, bequeath my Ulla-hoop to the stock piles of old fads.

I, JOHN SIEMION, bequeath my black bomb to Mr. Sorenson.

I, DONNA TUIN, bequeath my tune to Mr. Luoma.

I, GARY SLAGER, bequeath my saddle-sores to Mellissa Brown.

I, KAY RETTINHOUSE, bequeath my mystery sailor charm to my mystery sailor.

I, JEFF CROWELL, bequeath anything the will committee wants to give of mine.

I, JAYNE VANPELT, bequeath my pelts to any fur trader.

I, DWANE DALLAS, bequeath my Dwane to Bilz's Plumbing.

I, LEE ANN JOHNSON, bequeath my occasional frosting flaws to the girls running around with orange spots on their heads.

I, BRUCE CHRISTMAN, bequeath my Sir Lancelot humility to Cassius Clay.

I, MARTHA WILTERDINK, bequeath my many shades to my varying personal likes and dislikes.

I, ERIC VINK, bequeath my strawberry blonde locks to Dr. Jorba.